6 tips for a successful Unicorn birthday cake on the first try

i spent countless hours on the internet (youtube and pintrest) trying to find a perfect unicorn cake that is fool proof. that’s because i never decorated a cake before. honestly that was a big risk for me because i was going to make the buttercream frosting and and decorate the cake and the cupcakes on the morning of the party.


i never thought that my cake will come out looking this good and tasting just as good. when i sent pictures to my mother and told her i made that cake she didn’t believe me neither did my grandmother or my aunts.


if this is your first time decorating a unicorn cake or any other cake of that keep reading i will be sharing with you some tips i gathered here and there and others i decided to do it on my own and worked great for me to master you first unicorn cake decoration just like how i mastered mine on the first try.


  • tip 1: bake your cake (cakes if you are making coloured layers) 3 days before the event and freeze them. that will make trimming the edges of the cake much easier and will also save you tons of time on the day before or the day of the party. remember to defrost them the day before the party.
  • tip 2: to get a perfectly round cake with sharp and clean edges, place a plat that is a little smaller than your cake in the middle, and trim around it with a sharp knife (make sure your knife is straight.


  • tip 3:  trust me…nobody wants a yellow heavy buttercream! so to make your buttercream pale (almost  white) take a very long time beating your butter with electric mixer (it won’t work with a whisk) until the butter becomes so pale and double in size then add the rest of the ingredients.
  • tip 4: instead of using only milk or only whipping cream use both and add one table spoon of each at a time feel like whipping cream make the butter cream much fluffy, light weight and very manageable.
  • tip 5: make sure you have the right equipment for decoration. everybody was asking how i got the cake icing so perfectly smooth, that’s because i invested in a 13IN angled spatula which was around $1 and it makes the cake surface perfectly smooth and even! get the right pipping. decide what kind of rosettes or flowers you want to make and get the Pipping to get that done.
  • tip 6: make sure you put a thin layer of buttercream frosting on your cake surface and refrigerate, until it’s slightly hard then add a second thick layer. that will lock the crumbs when you add the second layer it will be smooth and clean.


I hope these tips are useful for you, i would love to see your results, or get some recipes from you guys. don’t hesitate to email me chakiriana@gmail.com

remember to stay happy, so much Love. XO

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