La Cantine restaurant Casablanca review

Today my Family and I had a fun walk around El-Maarif boutiques area. we stumbled Upon this restaurant that caught our attention and we thought it would be a good idea to give it a try, and share with you guys our experience.

    • The Ambiance: as soon as we walked in we got such a cozy yet modern feel to the place. the wall art, tables,chairs, all the way to the colour palette used in this place is simple and tastefully put together which makes it very  relaxing (in my opinion).
  • The Service: excellent, couldn’t ask for better, the waiter was so helpful and patient with us. he was very attentive but at the same time not over bearing.IMG_8362
  • The Food: we started with crispy calamari, and it was the best we’ve had in Morocco, so delicious. my Husband got Pastrami sandwich and loved it so much that he ordered a second one. I got a caesar Salad, so good and rich, the portion was pretty generous. I Also ordered a “green Power” smoothie and it was refreshing. Another thing I loved about their menu is that it included how many calories are in each meal.

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  • The Prices: The prices were pretty reasonable considering what we got. We spent around 270DH roughly $28, we got two pastrami sandwiches, one caesar Salad, one portion of fried Calamari, one smoothie, one club soda, and one espresso.

    Amani Loved it too.
  • The location: La Cantine, 18 rue de Normandie, Casablanca, Morocco

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