Sindibad Theme Park Casablanca with Family

Currently, my fourteen year old little brother and sixteen year old sister are here for a visit. I thought it would be a good idea to visit the Sindibad amusement park here in casablanca.


 The park
Named after Sindibad the sailor  or السندباد البحري who was a fictional character  and hero of a middle eastern story! As soon as you reach the entrance of the park you get a feeling of entering the  “1001 Nights” which is a collection of middle eastern and south asian stories put together during the Islamic Golden age.
The Prices are really affordable and you have the options to chose to pay for  unlimited rides bracelet  Or pay separately for each ride. We were 5 people, two adults,two teenagers, and  a toddler. My husband got only an enterance ticket for 25 MAD ($3)which included access to the play ground and the Zoo. The rest of us got forfait tickets for 60 MAD ($6)each. Being that we visited on a week day the prices were cheaper and the park was less crowded. Weekends are more busy and the prices are little bit higher. Check their website for more information and options.


The Rides
There are many options of rides for all ages!! My little brother and sister enjoyed the roller coaster which is called (le serpent) and they must have ridden it  atleast 4 times! They also enjoyed the Aerophare (Ain Rokh), which is a very popular canival ride. Toddlers and little kids also have ride options, my little one’s favourite ride is “Sindi Express” which is a little train and she loved sitting in the front (i sat with her) where they have a bell you can ring. She had a blast!  She also took a liking to “L’ile OAK OAK” which is a little tour on a boat and i won’t even lie…i loved it too. These are just a few of the many options for your little ones. you can check more on their website.

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Sport/Adventure activities
 The Sindibad theme Park has a few sport activities available that are not included  with the unlimited games Bracelet. For example, “LA BALADE DU KALIF” is a tour around the park and the zoo that cost 60 MAD($6) and its a cool thing to do if you have older kids and you arent up for walking.
 They also have a 510m long zip line (LES HOMME VOLANTS), and Go-Karts (LES FOUS DU VOLANT). check more adventure activities.
The Zoo
Although I’m against zoos in General for so many reasons, everybody wanted to go and i didnt want to be a party pooper so we checked it out. My daughter loved it so much! They have Giraffes, Lions, Monkeys, Tigers… and much more.Keep in mind that if you want to see all the animals the zoo has to offer you must go early because they go to sleep in the evening. Actually, the first time my husband, daughter and i went to Sindibad we didnt even realize  that we were at the zoo side of the park because all of the animals were asleep by 5pm.

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