5 Tips for models moms to get back to work after having a baby

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modelling was not really my childhood dream, i always wanted to be a journalist who travel to war zones and deliver the real news to people, some other times i wanted to be an actress, or advocate….LOL but never really thought about modelling because honestly i didn’t think i was fit for it!

when i moved to Istanbul back in 2011 the fact that i spoke 5 languages has always made it easy for me to work as a language tutor, (french, English and Arabic) to both children and adults, worked as waitress, bar tender and i managed a hostel, until i was scouted by a Dutch agency! i did some test shoot, got my book and started  working it was good, better salary than any job i had before, and i got a chance to see new places so i loved it, after i got pregnant and had my biggest blessing, i was thinking about switching career, but i was not ready yet, i loved my job! at the same time it’s not the same thing anymore, you are totally different, sometimes i felt like my connection with the camera been long gone, and cameras just made me uncomfortable…looking at my body in the mirror sometimes just made feel like it’s impossible to make it. but boy was i wrong…

honestly modelling and like any other job you get what you work for.

  • work on your appearance, we all know that that’s what our job as models is all based on, so try and get back to how you were before pregnancy, and honestly my body is more fit now than before pregnancy, you can find a solution to work out if you want, you can always leave you baby with a family member that you trust for couple of hours, or try and find a gym with a daycare, or if you can’t do any of what above then take walk with your baby in the stroller and gradually push yourself to jogg or run, i mean if you were a model before then you should be used to that, and it’s  just a matter of getting back at it.eat healthy….generally get back to your routine before the baby. when you think you are ready to do it, after all that’s our job and it’s up to us to decide when our maternity leave is over and get back to work.
  • take your polaroids when you are ready  take your time to get ready and when you think you are fit and ready for the camera to love you, have somebody good to take your polaroids, we all know how important polaroids are, some clients don’t really care about your book as much as they care about your polaroids, so make sure you take good care of your skin, and hair, drink lot of water and try to rest well (thank god my baby was a good sleeper) and a tip before you take your polaroids don’t drink any water for 10 hours before the shoot, so your muscles will look more defined and beautiful.
  • take a test shoots, if you are signed with an agency then have your agent set a test shoot for you, if you are freelancer then try and contact photographers and set a test shoot for yourself.
  • don’t be too desperate, i know you were out of business for over a year, and in my case more than two years, but i didn’t jump on the first offer i got, chose wisely and be smart with your decisions, and this definitely was one of the main points i focused on when i got back to work, and trust me i worked better after i had my baby than before, just because you had a baby, that doesn’t mean you are not up there, be confident and hold your ground work hard and expect nothing less than what you believe you deserve!
  • don’t stress about it too much, after all we are mothers and all we want is to see our family happy, and that means happy YOU, take time for yourself, be kind to yourself, and if you fail, take a breath get up and keep going, we all fail sometimes, but the winners are those who get up shake it off and keep going.

i hope my tips will help you, i would love to hear about you mamas who are modelling tips you followed and your stories on how you got back to work.

stay Fabulously moms xoxo

test shoot by the photographer Ram Kumar, Make up by Varsha

print for Mac Cosmetic by the photographer Sangeet Kumar

look Book for Urbane by the photographer Keven Nunes

test shoot with photographer Vivan Bhathena make up by Varsha

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